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What could
we do for

Music Producing

Do you have a song a song written down somewhere and you've always wanted to make something out of it but you just don't know how?

Well that's where we step in.

We record, mix, master and publish your music.

Music Video Producing

Do you have a banger in your hands that's only missing a music video to bring it and you to the next level?

Well, that's where we step in.

Business Photography

Do you have a restaurant or food related business that could use some pictures of your food, do you make clothes or artisanal products that could use some better advertising or do you 

simply need some good pictures of your business establishment?

Well that's where we step in.

Event Photography

Is your company hosting an event that you would like photographed, Perhaps you have a family outing coming up and your nephew with a camera is sick this time; or you are simply an event organizer looking for extra photographer's for your event.

Well that's where we step in.

Personal Photography

Do you need a fresh round of next level instagram pictures,

do you want a friend for a day to hang out with and also take pictures of you throughout or do you simply just want some cool pictures of yourself to boost your self esteem?

Well that's where we step in.

Boudoir Photography

So this one is a touchy one,

We do offer boudoir photography.

But we are extremely selective on who we shoot; Basically, if you know me personally, the answer is no.

If the service you require isn't offered above; email us at

to see if we could still arrange something

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